Hard Core Compost

Bicycle-Powered Compost Collection Service

A Re-Birth of Santa Cruz Community Compost Company 


We are a worker-owned and operated residential compost collection service that uses cargo bicycles to haul food scraps from your kitchen to local composting sites in Santa Cruz. We believe that the resilience of our communities is inseparable from the health of the land we live on. Transforming our food waste into fertile compost is one small way we can collectively nurture the land in the midst of global environmental crisis, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and sequester carbon in the soil.



Residential Compostable Waste Pick-up

Receive a 5-gallon bucket for your compostables!


A Hard Core rider will collect your scraps weekly by cargo bike!

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Your scraps are hauled to one of our nearby composting sites 

Our aerobic piles decompose your waste into tilthy black gold!

This compost is donated to local garden and land projects and returned to our subscribers


How Much Does it Cost?

  []  Residential Compostable Waste Collection   [] 


Base service includes weekly pick-up of one 5-gallon bucket

Access to 5lbs of the finished product as available each month 

One Month Subscription



Three Month Subscription


($85 total)


Six Month Subscription


($165 total)


One Year Subscription


($300 total)




What can I compost?

You can find a list of compostables here. Please remember we are not a general trash collection service, so be mindful about what you place in your bucket to help us reduce contamination and maintain healthy soil.

How does signing up for the service work?

When you sign up we will review your information to make sure you are in our service area before sending you payment instructions. Sign up before Saturday to have a collection bucket delivered to you the following week. Your first pick-up will be the week after we deliver your bucket.

How can I tell if I am in your service area?

We currently serve Downtown, Midtown, Lower Westside, Seabright, Live Oak, and some of Capitola. Please refer to our service area map to check your location.

What if I can't fill a 5-gallon Bucket Every Week?

In order to predict the load of each route we require all customers to put out their bucket every week even if it's not full. We encourage subscribers to split a bucket with their neighbor.

What if I am away on vacation?

Please send us an email if you will be away for multiple weeks so that we can know not to look for your bucket. If you will be away for more than a month, we can place a hold on your subscription.

Can I put out an extra bucket for you to pick up this week?

Please remember we do these pickups with bicycles and plan our routes based on how much we can carry. Out of respect for the knees of our riders we cannot accommodate additional volume that is not part of a subscription. We will not pick up anything that does not fit in the buckets you are not subscribed to.

I can't afford your service.

We are doing our best to provide a service that will be available for years to come. We understand that our pricing is not accessible to everyone and provide these options for a lower price:

  • Share a subscription with a neighbor. Additional buckets on a subscription are only half price. Note: we do require all buckets on one subscription are placed in the same spot.

  • Take advantage of our limited sliding scale pricing. See the sign-up page for details.

Can I get any compost as part of my subscription?

While we have supplies available we will occasionally deliver bags of soil to interested subscribers. Please let us know if you are interested. Please return the bags.


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